Hey Friend! I'm Jennifer!

I am BOLDLY passionate about His Kingdom growing, seeing women embrace their imperfect purpose to make Him known.

Here to bring you His hope, His promises, His abundance. His purpose in all of the imperfections.


"We are insiders to the love + abundance of Christ, imperfectly purposed."

- Jennifer Edewaard




Our imperfections are messy, intimidating, and you might be feeling lost or confused in this season of your life.

Our imperfections feel like pressure - pressure to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect business owner, the perfect friend. And when we fail, it hits us hard.

You can stand through anything when you stand in His abundant grace. Because, friend, it's in our imperfections that Christ makes His perfections shown. He loves us today like He loved us yesterday and like He will love us tomorrow, imperfections and all. 


My story has been imperfect, too. 

 Over the last few years, my life has been turned upside down. I’ve walked through years of unexplained infertility, an extremely premature birth of my son at 23 weeks, the loss of two baby boys in 2016, and then again in 2017. This past year we decided to try again with IVF and have been blessed with a pregnancy and are expecting a baby girl this winter.

But life didn’t suddenly become perfect as I delivered our miracle son, Mason at 23 weeks, I was at a loss for words for a long time. We spent five months in the NICU, and we were told that our son had no chance of survival and that if he did survive, he would never live a normal life.

Praise the Lord because that is not the case and he is healthy with many hurdles overcome and some still ahead of us. I am embracing the gift of a being a special needs mama.

It was through that experience that I found myself at a point in my life where I had a choice to either stay strong, be positive, and get grateful for my son and my family, or not.

I knew that I needed to choose joy and live my life on God’s strength, not mine. I knew that the only way the three of us would survive this was to choose the little-by-little progress in each day, as some days were life and death within those five months and even after coming home. I can say this honestly, that no matter the circumstance, suffering, or journey, He is simply calling us closer, and will never leave us. He is using these moments of digging, pruning and planting,  in our lives to connect with us on an even deeper level as He is teaching us and revealing Himself to us.

Choosing to be intentional and live IN HIS purpose with what each moment brought became my mission.

Knowing that I could not do all things well, I had to decide what I could do well to live an abundant life in His purpose and say no to the things that put pressure on me and took me off course.  

The miracle of my son, along with everything that has followed thus far has proved that purpose is found in Him, that the purpose of faith is faith alone. Our life experiences are a part of a unique faith journey that draw us closer to Him, leading us to live abundantly in Him. We are never alone, never without purpose, never without His love.


Using my voice, writing, bible study tools, workshops, writing exercises, and the Imperfect Purpose™ movement...I seek to multiply the Gospel by pointing others to Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

I pray that through my message, my writing, and the tools I create that you would feel equipped to embrace the imperfections of your life, so that you would fully experience the Lord in all that He has purposed in your life. I pray that the fire within is burning to grow His Kingdom and that you would seek to make Him known in all things. That you embracing the imperfections makes you brave to have the courage to walk BOLDLY in your faith.



It Is my mission

I believe in His grace, His Truth, and His glory.  My mission is to equip you to embrace your imperfect purpose He designed for you and to point you to the abundant life with God as we stand on Holy ground.



We want to encourage you in faith, toward a deeper relationship with the Lord, the One who brings purpose to our imperfections. 

To turn your eyes heavenward, toward His love and His purpose for us. 

To help you see the good, the purpose, in the journey. 

To provide you with tools to use in real life that will guide you in making progress, little by little

To create tools that will help you be deeply rooted in Him and His Word.

To guide you in creating a space in your life to pursue the Lord and His purpose for you. 

To embrace our imperfections which lead us to our purpose.

To help you feel inspired about YOUR life.

To inspire you to cultivate a true Joy and Gratitude in your life.

To encourage you to live with grace, remove the guilt, eradicate the pressure of perfection and to embrace the simple life. 

To genuinely portray my reality of motherhood, marriage, business, life, and purpose -- the good, the bad, the mess, and the joy.

To evoke a sense of realness with no judging or comparisons.


 I AM HERE TO LEARN AND LIVE LIFE WITH YOU as we bring glory to his kingdom

Do you hear Him calling you? To embrace your imperfect purpose? To craft a life that is grateful and brave? To live an abundant life, seeking His truth, and standing in His Glory? Join me on mission. Together, we’ll get real, intentional and impact the world around us as we are deeply rooted in Christ.