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Finding Freedom in Surrendering Your Imperfect Purpose

There is freedom in surrendering to who Christ designed us to be. As humans, we often feel like surrendering to anything means that we are giving up control, giving up power, and giving up freedom, but in Christ, we find true freedom when we surrender to His design. A freedom that can only come from the Lord because it is solely dependent on the price He paid for us on the cross. Yet, we allow ourselves to hold back from full surrender because it means that the imperfections and the mess will be uncovered, that our weakest points will be on display-- but what we are not grasping is that the Lord has us come just as we are. Our perspective of who we belong to has to be shifted, the chains of this earthly world must be broken-- as Christian women, we are to show up however He might have us so that He is seen through us. We have to daily remember that He has placed us here on earth for a set amount of time to share who He is, to speak His message, to build His Kingdom, all through the imperfections that we walk with. As a body of believers, our eternal perspective needs to bring us such a hope and peace that we are not battling ourselves to hold on to our own freedom.

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Breaking Free From Our Imperfections Defining Us

Our imperfections are messy, intimidating, and sometimes you might be letting them defeat you, maybe even disqualify you. I am guilty of it. I have to catch myself as I go about my day and dismiss the lie that I am not doing it well, that I am not doing enough. Perhaps they can feel like pressure - pressure to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect business owner, the perfect friend.

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