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Commended for Faith, not an outcome

Hebrews 11:1-2 says, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  This is what the ancients were commended for.”  It is so easy to get caught up in the belief that success is based on what we yield.  But what the Faith Hall of Fame advocates is, we will be commended for our FAITH in the journey – not for an outcome.      

Our culture operates strongly based on a finish line.  We train to complete a marathon.  We go to graduate school to get the MBA needed to become an executive. The purpose is to get to the end, to finish the goal, to complete the project.  Only then, when the finish line has been reached will we have made it.  Then we’ll be commended. Then we’ll be praised. Then we’ll be worthy because we reached our goal; with this mentality, it’s all about the outcome.

But what if we, like some of the heroes in Hebrews chapter 11, never get to see the final outcome?  What if we never reach what we’re working towards?

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How Desperate Am I For More of God?

The miles flash as I speed through the desert. In its pre-dawn blush, the sky shimmers, mother-of-pearl. Rugged mountains cut a stark silhouette against the glow.

It’s breathtaking. 

But all I can think about is my rumbling stomach. I’m hungry. So hungry that my stomach's growling complaints fill the entire sound-space of my brain, leaving no room for any type of early morning appreciation of beauty.But I’m also in a time crunch, without even a moment for a pass-through at fast food joint where I could hurriedly snatch a rubbery biscuit loaded with cheese and a bit of overdone egg...

Instead, I gaze across the miles into a desert range rising jagged and bare, and I’m catapulted back to the image which captured my heart just days before. All about Moses and his hollow heart hunger, and how God showed up to feast Moses on the indescribable glory of His presence.

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In the past years, my business has changed a lot. The business I was running in 2016 is completely different than the business I am running in 2017 and 2018. There are a lot of things that influenced these changes, but there is one thing I really started to research and implement. It transformed my income and my business. You want to know what I am talking about?


I know “launching” is kind of a buzz word in the creative industry right now, so you might be rolling your eyes and thinking: “yeah, yeah, we get it. Launching is a big deal.”

But. It is. Like a really big deal.

And I want to give you all my secrets about planning a launch and being able to be on autopilot once it goes live.

Today, I will be sharing five tips to help you plan and execute a successful launch. Let’s dive in!

Before we get to the tips, allow me to introduce The Launch League! This is a FREE 5-day online challenge where I will lead you through the steps and strategy behind planning a successful product or service with ease. I will help you go from frazzled and stressed, to confident with every launch!


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3 Ways to Transform Your Prayer Life

Our prayer life is transformed in walking out our faith, surrendering it all to Him, being expectant of the work He is doing, where we might be swept in a slew of directions, shaken, sifted, taught, even paused-- to actually being present, showing up to do the work-- meeting Him in that place. Honestly, we have to have a faith so rooted in Him where we allow Him the room to do the mighty works-- that is fully transforming, not necessarily doing but being one with Christ. 


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The Intricacies of Prayer: What Is It + Why It Is An Important Aspect of Our Faith

Prayer is connection yet there are seasons and times in our lives when that connection gets pushed to the backburner and left untouched in applying it to our lives. Prayer is obedience, are we abiding in Him and going directly to the source of the abundance that has already been given and promised?Perhaps prayer feels overwhelming, or you feel lost in your prayer life. We are going to look at prayer in a different light here, connection, a closer connection. It is our time to spend with our Savior on earth in the flesh any time we want.

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