Glory Cards

Glory Cards


GLORY CARDS:   EQUIPPED WITH ARMOR COLLECTION: Glory Cards equip you to stand firm in His truth. These cards are an intentional and purpose filled tool that we pray will connect and deepen your relationship with the Lord throughout your day. We want you to be able to bring these cards with you wherever you go, making it easy for you to read Truth and the Word anytime and anywhere. 

There are two types of cards in the set: Truth Cards + Reflect Cards. The Truth cards have a verse based on the collection theme on one side and a place for you to write out a prayer on the back. The Reflect cards have a journal prompt based on the collection theme for you to reflect on, and a place to journal on the back. 

This set of Glory Cards equips you with the Lords Armor. 

You can also use these cards to equip and encourage someone special in your life, such as your spouse, child, family, or friend. 

Our Prayer for you is that these Glory Cards will always point you to Christ and glorify His kingdom in your walk with the Lord. 


Each set includes a total of 41 Cards: Introduction/Instruction Card, 20 Truth Cards, 20 Reflect Cards. 

Created by: Jennifer Edewaard and Lindsee Walker

        A Gospel + Grace Collection

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