Olive Rooted Journal + Journal Tab Bundle

 Olive Rooted Journal + Journal Tab Bundle


OLIVE Rooted Journal- Conversation Journal With Christ

This journal began at points in our lives when different circumstances and situations needed peace, comfort, joy, guidance, and love. It started out as words on a page, and quickly grew to pages and pages— a deeper relationship with Christ. He is who we run to, who we pour our thoughts on, sit in His presence, and rest in the freedom and peace He faithfully gives us. His grace fully embraces us, and as we get honest with Him, it is clear that we can see and feel that our trust needs to be rooted in Him alone. He is the only one that can truly make us feel alive no matter where we are in life or what season we are in. We need a place that we can be raw and open with Him. He sees us in all places in our lives and knows our thoughts— therefore, we can quiet our minds and still our bodies as we sit in His truth. We have to fully root ourselves in what He says about us, the lives we are living, His purpose for us—trusting that He has covered us in His promises and His grace. He has created this life, the breath in our lungs, to be a reflection of Him— and He never leaves us to wander in the pastures by ourselves. He will never let these roots grow in a way that He can't use them. The roots below create purpose for the branches and the leaves that grow, wither, and regrow. When we see our lives in His light, we see Christ. Let this journal be a witness to the glory that God has in your life.

The Rooted journal has two sections, God Listens and God Promises.


  • 50 lined pages

  • A place for the date, time, and place

  • Prompt question for each entry: “Jesus, I thank you for ___ and I lift ___ up to you today. Let me heart be rooted in ___.”

The vision for this section is to have full awareness and connection with Christ. We intentionally wanted to keep it as simple and open as possible. Just write— it is your letter, your conversation, your thoughts. There are blank lines, and our hope is that these lines will be filled up with anything that is on your heart and mind that you want to speak to Christ about. This is your conversation with God, allow yourself to share all things on your heart and mind— to fill this space where God already sees you, to know Him more.


  • 50 lined pages

  • A place for the date, time, place and topic

  • A place to write a truth you are standing on

  • A place to write a prayer

The vision for this next section focuses on journaling things that we hear God speaking to us— this might be when we are in the Word, or in prayer, or in thought. Let this be your space to get still in order to hear God, we believe you will hear from Him. Allow this section to be a place where you listen to Him, let Him respond to you, sit in it, wrestle with it— write down the truths and promises that He is speaking to you.


  • Spiral bound

  • Two section journal with tabs



20 themed tabs, great for marking certain verses/pages in your Rooted journal or Bible.


Tabs say:

  • God Listens (Two tabs per set)

  • God Promises (Two tabs per set)

  • Deeply rooted

  • Victorious

  • Worship

  • Truth

  • Abide

  • Glory

  • Praise

  • Forgiveness

  • Walk in Grace

  • Hope

  • Sovereign

  • Who He Is

  • Holy Holy

Three flower-themed tabs

-1.75 inch plastic tabs
-Adhesive tabs repositionable when applied and become permanent over time
-Peel, fold and stick tabs easily to your journal or bible!


Created by: Jennifer Edewaard and Lindsee Walker

        A Gospel + Grace Collection

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