Do women in your community, your church, your organization struggle in the trap of living out His purpose in all of their imperfection?

Do they strive for perfection to the point of stress, stagnance, or staggering lack of confidence in who they were made to be?

Jennifer is a daughter of God who is passionate about her sisters. She’s an writer and truth-teller who is on fire to help those sisters find their own revelation in God’s Word and His purpose for them. She loves speaking to groups of women, and enjoys pouring into the individual women, speaking into their imperfections as the avenue of God’s glory and abundance (preferably over a cup of pour-over coffee).

Her passion and purpose is all about shaking women awake to see the beauty and power in the already, where He has them grounded, reminding them that God made them who they are in this very moment to step into His story and make Him known.

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