Are you ready to trade your perfection for His purpose?

Let’s do it together

Jennifer Edewaard Imperfect Purpose

Hi, friend! I’m Jennifer.

I’m a wife, mama, and friend, passionate about living out His perfect purpose of making Him known, even in my own imperfection.

I write and speak and step daily into God’s mission for me to bring Him the glory, on fire to come alongside you as you know who God is and not just what He does.

I’m a truth-teller, and I promise to keep it real, so...

  • Yes, my story is imperfect, too.

  • You might see my concealer-covered eyes.

  • You might see me caffeinated and encouraging (which is kind of a form of caffeine, too, right?).

  • You might see me sharing my revelations from The Word with the hope that they bring you hope.


Let’s keep it real.

The concealer is masking my puffy eyes that show the pain and struggle--and tears of joy--that come with being a mama to my special needs boy, and sweet newborn girl.

The caffeine is making up for the sleep I lose wondering if I’m the one for the job--for my sweet babies, for my husband, for my friends, for His mission.

The encouragement may sound optimistic and put together, but it’s often the encouragement I need most in the moment, too.

The ability to pull revelations from His word is born out of years of doing it wrong, years of looking for what applies to me instead of diving into who He is and resting in His promises and goodness, years of using devotions as less of a tool for growth and more of a crutch for my lack of knowledge and fear of not being enough to get there.

In 2015, our lives were turned upside down.

We endured unexplainable infertility, resulting in a terrifyingly premature birth of our miracle boy, Mason, at just 23 weeks.

Over the 5 months we spent in the NICU, I was at a loss for words with others, and with God. We were told he had no chance at living--and even if he did, he had no chance at a normal life.

Well, they were wrong.

Our sweet boy lived, and 3 years later we were blessed with another miracle girl, our sweet Elliana (born at 32 weeks), after two heart-wrenching miscarriages in between.

While our lives are far from perfect, or even easy, through it all I’m learning:

I have a choice to stay strong and get grateful for every bit of my family.

I get to embrace the gift of being Mama to a special needs boy. It means a lot of advocating and stepping out in faith, but it also means stepping into the small joys each day.

I can see God’s glory in all of it, not in just making it perfect, but sitting in the imperfection to live out His purpose.

If I could tell you one thing for the rest of my life, it would be this:

Sweet friend, our Sweet God wastes nothing in your life.


That means the hard, the confusing, the unexplainable, the unspeakable, the joyous, the unimaginable…

All of it works together for your good and His glory.


Remember this, too:

Our worldly vision of “good” cannot hold a candle to God’s good for us. To you, “good” may sound average, good enough, tolerable--but God’s good is the best, the dream you never knew you had, great, fully of glory.

Don’t underestimate the power that everything works together for our good, because anything that can bring God glory is far beyond the good we can imagine.

Are you ready to trade your perfection for His purpose?


Imperfect Purpose: The Movement

Imperfect Purpose was born of a question.

In all the simultaneous pain and joy, the refining fire, and just ordinary life, I wondered…

Can imperfection have a kingdom purpose?

I’m not talking about the perfection mountaintop that happens as you “recover” from your imperfection.

I’m talking about the actual valleys.

  • The infertility

  • The broken relationships

  • The struggling marriages

  • The loneliness

  • The never-ending to-be-better lists

  • The not-enough feeling that never seems to go away

Friend, there’s purpose in that.

My hope for you here:

  • I hope you’ll find Jesus--the Jesus I know as a friend, a confidant, the only one who can make “not enough” into “enough” by simply calling us His.

  • I hope you’ll find His Word--not only through the words of someone else who seems more knowledgeable, more worthy of interpreting God’s word, but His actual Word. I hope you’ll have the courage to dive into what He has to say to you, directly.

  • I hope you’ll find Christ-centered community.

  • I hope you’ll find what it’s like to live in His imperfect purpose in everyday life--standing in his abundant grace and glory.

What we’re about


With the Lord and with each other. These are both relationships where nothing is expected and everything is celebrated. Imperfect Purpose aims to encourage you that you don’t have to be anyone different with Him or with us, but you may find yourself in the midst of change because love does that to us. Oh, and yes you can sit with us! Always.


Life happens, and we forget to pray, read the Bible, get quiet with the Lord in order to develop that relationship. Imperfect Purpose aims to give you the tools and tips to be consistent in communing with the Lord so you can hear His voice and move forward on mission in the everyday.


Ultimately our mission is HIS mission, and Imperfect Purpose aims to equip and encourage you in stepping forward into that mission with everything you’ve already been given.

I’m so glad you’re here, sweet friend.

Let’s walk forward together as God reveals the purpose in the imperfect of our seemingly ordinary days. Keep an eye out--He might surprise you.